Tiny Habits® 5-Day Email Program

Start by learning the basics of Tiny Habits®

Let's see what a week of Tiny can do for you!

You can learn the basics of Tiny Habits® and get started in about 25 minutes total. You can do this on a Saturday or Sunday.

You need to be done with this “setting up” phase by Sunday evening to join a session that starts on Monday.

Starting on Monday, you will practice new habits for 5 days in a row. You’ll discover what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Each afternoon, Monday through Friday, you will receive an email from me checking in with you. Each email will also share more about the Tiny Habits® method.

Day by day you will have more insight into Tiny Habits® method and your own life.

All this takes about 3 minutes each day.


Tiny Habits® has led me to make at least one big change in my life. Amy responded to emails personally and gave me feedback about her habits reflected struggles back to me.


Amy provided useful feedback which has helped me make some small changes in my life in this past week.